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S3 E5 – Bringing Books to Life Through Technology

  S3 E5 BRINGING BOOKS TO LIFE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY  In this episode of Stroke of Genius™, learn about the creativity and inspiration of two inventors as they bring books to life. Inventors Matt & Melissa Hammersley started their careers writing patents

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S3 E4 – Secure in Your Thoughts

  EPISODE 4 – SECURE IN YOUR THOUGHTS  We’ve come a long way from floppy discs and dial-up internet. Now, we’re using fingerprints and facial recognition as passcodes. Some are going a step further and exploring ways to use brain

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S3 E3 – The Wizarding World of Copyright

NEW EPISODE ON THE STROKE OF GENIUS™ PODCAST: THE WIZARDING WORLD OF COPYRIGHT Copyright can be a magical world full of twists and turns. In this episode of Stroke of Genius titled “The Wizarding World of Copyright”, we learn about the famous monkey

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S3 E2 – Trashing the Plastic Problem

IPO EDUCATION FOUNDATION PRESENTS SEASON 3 EPISODE 2 – TRASHING THE PLASTIC PROBLEM  Unlike other kinds of waste, not all plastics can be recycled and often end up in landfills or in the ocean. In this episode of Stroke of

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S3 E1 – Patents in Pandemic

STROKE OF GENIUS™ PODCAST PREMIERES SEASON 3 WITH EPISODE ON COVID-19 IPO Education Foundation is pleased to announce episode one of the Stroke of Genius podcast, Patents in Pandemic, is available today. A different episode ​was planned to launch this season; however, the current state

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Season 3 Trailer is Here!

LISTEN TO SEASON 3 TRAILER NOW  Stroke of Genius™ Season 3 explores the most pressing questions, fascinating stories, and often-overlooked marvels that make up the world of intellectual property one episode at a time. From famous copyright cases to the

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