Season 4

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S1 Episode 3 – Advanced Prosthetics

We’ll examine inventions that are transforming disabilities into extra-abilities.  We’ll hear the harrowing tale that led to one mountain climber’s career as a prolific inventor, explore the relationship between science and design, and learn how advanced prosthetic devices could change

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S1 Episode 2 – Eye Surgery

Take a trip through the history of eye surgery with Dr. Gary Wortz, Dr. Janus Adams, and Dr. Jim Wynne. We’ll learn about a cultural pioneer, an unexpected breakthrough for LASIK, and dive into cutting edge technology for modern eye surgery!

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S1 Episode 1 – Sliced Bread

Join our guests Paula Johnson, Dr. Jonathan Rees, Michael Ruhlman, and Robin Liss as we explore inventions at the intersection of food and convenience from sliced bread to refrigeration and a new invention that might solve the conflict between convenience

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Season 1 is Here!

Brought to you by IPO Education Foundation and produced by At Will Media. Join us as we explore every day inventions and discover how they came to be. Each journey dives into the stories behind the inventions — from personal struggles, to

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