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Meet Our Host!

Meet Our Host! Andrea Madho joins Stroke of Genius in season two! She is a CEO and co-founder of a fashion technology company, as well as an inventor with patent pending technology. Her company Lab141, is a fashion technology company

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S1 Episode 8 – Patent Pending

  The final episode of season 1 features three entrepreneurial inventors in different stages of the patent process.  Join us to learn about TheraV™, a wearable device that offers amputees drug-free pain management, KnoNap™, a tool to combat sexual assault, and finally, Agri-Tech Producers,

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S1 Episode 7 – Cancer Immunotherapy/CAR T Cells

What if scientists could harness the power of a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer? This episode explores CAR T Cell therapy, a groundbreaking approach to cancer treatment that re-engineers immune cells to recognize and combat cancer cells. We’ll

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S1 Episode 6 – Haptics 

In this episode, we examine the innovative world of haptics: technologies which utilize our sense of touch.  We’ll hear how a college professor is adding new life to touch screens, how one young engineer is changing Virtual Reality, and how

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S1 Episode 5 – The Super Soaker®

You’re probably familiar with the Super Soaker, but do you know the man behind one of the world’s most popular toys?  In this episode, we’ll explore the life of Dr. Lonnie Johnson, a nuclear and mechanical engineer, who worked on

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S1 Episode 4 – Driverless Cars/LiDAR

Meet the IPO Education Foundation’s Inventor of the Year David Hall.  He’ll share his experience through a grueling race in the desert and how it birthed the autonomous vehicle movement.  Then take a forward look into the future of Mr.

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