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S4 E9 – Diversifying the Future of Innovation

Season 4 Episode 9  Many of the problems we face for the future will be solved using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has the capability of personalizing our daily technological experience like filtering out spam in our email

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S4 E8 – Herstory of Invention

Season 4 Episode 8  Women have been inventing to solve problems that they face for years. But despite the fact that women make up roughly 50% of the country’s population, only 12% of recognized innovators in the United States are

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S4 E7 – Emerging Entrepreneurs

Season 4 Episode 7 Perhaps one of the biggest changes to daily life over the past year has affected the world’s youngest citizens. As schools went virtual, sports and extracurriculars were cancelled, and time with friends was off-limits, kids spent

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S4 E6 – Illuminating Overlooked Inventors

S4 E6 Illuminating Overlooked Inventors Too many times throughout history, the genius of Black innovators has been overlooked because of discrimination. In this episode, we will meet a journalist and a biologist who are helping to dismantle stereotypes about who

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S4 E5 – Trademarking Vulgarity

S4 E5 – Trademarking Vulgarity  In 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments for a case in which no one dared utter the word at the heart of the dispute. Before that, Simon Tam registered his band name and

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S4 E4 – Vaccination Innovation

S4 E4 – Vaccination Innovation  In 2021, “vaccine” is one of the most frequently used words throughout the country. But there’s a lot we can learn from past American vaccines too. In this episode, we’ll get into the stories of

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