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S3 E8 – The Right to Invent

S3 E8 The Right to Invent Dr. Lisa Cook had a hunch that although African Americans were “free to invent,” the threat of violence that inventors in this community faced had a direct impact on their ability to engage in

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S3 E7 – Climbing Towards a Cure For Cancer

CLIMBING TOWARDS A CURE FOR CANCER 2018 Nobel Prize Winner Tasuku Honjo established an entirely new principle for cancer therapy. Follow his journey as he worked to unlock a new discovery, using an individual’s own immune system to fight one

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S3 E6 – Trademark School Spirit

  S3 E6 CAN YOU TRADEMARK A COLOR?  This season of the Stroke of Genius™ podcast explores the most pressing questions, fascinating stories, and often-overlooked marvels that make up the world of intellectual property. This week, with an episode titled “Trademark

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S3 E5 – Bringing Books to Life Through Technology

  S3 E5 BRINGING BOOKS TO LIFE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY  In this episode of Stroke of Genius™, learn about the creativity and inspiration of two inventors as they bring books to life. Inventors Matt & Melissa Hammersley started their careers writing patents

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S3 E4 – Secure in Your Thoughts

  EPISODE 4 – SECURE IN YOUR THOUGHTS  We’ve come a long way from floppy discs and dial-up internet. Now, we’re using fingerprints and facial recognition as passcodes. Some are going a step further and exploring ways to use brain

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S3 E3 – The Wizarding World of Copyright

NEW EPISODE ON THE STROKE OF GENIUS™ PODCAST: THE WIZARDING WORLD OF COPYRIGHT Copyright can be a magical world full of twists and turns. In this episode of Stroke of Genius titled “The Wizarding World of Copyright”, we learn about the famous monkey

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