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S4 E1 – Food for Our Future

S4E1 Food for Our Future Scientists predict that we’ll reach 9 billion people on the planet by 2050. The question for thirty years from now is… how will we feed everyone? Plant biologists are working hard to invent faster plants

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Season 4 Trailer is Here!

SEASON 4 TRAILER AVAILABLE TODAY Get a sneak peak into Stroke of Genius® Season 4 by listening to the trailer! This season shares some of the most important stories in IP today, not just about the rules of patents, trademarks,

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S3 E10 – Fortnite Dance Moves Gone Viral

S3 E10 Fortnite Dance Moves Gone Viral Season three of Stroke of Genius was such a hit we needed one more episode! In this bonus episode, we learn more about copyright. The video game Fortnite has swept the globe with its unique

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S3 E9 – Can You Keep A (Trade)Secret

S3 E9 Can You Keep A (Trade)Secret? Some of the best kept trade secrets are in the food and beverage industry… Kentucky Fried Chicken and Bush’s Baked Beans will never tell! But an even more mysterious recipe is guarded by

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S3 E8 – The Right to Invent

S3 E8 The Right to Invent Dr. Lisa Cook had a hunch that although African Americans were “free to invent,” the threat of violence that inventors in this community faced had a direct impact on their ability to engage in

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S3 E7 – Climbing Towards a Cure For Cancer

CLIMBING TOWARDS A CURE FOR CANCER 2018 Nobel Prize Winner Tasuku Honjo established an entirely new principle for cancer therapy. Follow his journey as he worked to unlock a new discovery, using an individual’s own immune system to fight one

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