S5 E3 – Inspiration versus Appropriation

Season 5 Episode 3
Inspiration versus Appropriation

How the intellectual property system can protect artists
On this episode of Stroke of Genius, mixed-media artist from Montreal, Canada, shares her unfortunate experience of discovering her own work being sold online without her permission. Ishita Banerjee, aka SoulCurryArt, says she was never taught about intellectual property in art school, so she’s now taken it upon herself to educate both her fellow artists and consumers of fine art about the ins and outs of IP protection for creatives.
This episode aims to teach aspiring artists and innovators about how the IP system can benefit them in a number of ways — copyright protection, in particular. But in a world when we can all save pictures we find online with the click of a mouse or tap of a finger, Ishita believes education really is the key. She also has thoughts on the role of NFTs and the blockchain in providing additional protection for artists. It’s a must-hear episode for anyone interested in the intersection of creativity and IP law, featuring a few laughs and a surprising amount of heart.