IP Education for Next Gen Innovators (Grade 6-12)

Teach Intellectual Property
In Your Community

Educate the next generation about the role intellectual property rights play in driving prosperity and enriching lives. Use the IPO Education Foundation toolkit to share core concepts about IP rights with middle and high school students. Help students understand the role that IP plays in all of our lives. Once students have completed the activity, make sure to provide a digital or print-out certificate of participation! 

How to Connect with Schools

Connect with local schools, after school programs and clubs to find students in your community! The Toolkit includes sample emails to use to connect with school administrators or teachers. Groups to consider: 

      • STEAM Classes
      • Business/Entrepreneurship Programs
      • Girl Scouts
      • Invention Education Programs
      • Art, Computer Science, Robotics, Science Clubs

If you’d like help from IPOEF to identify a group in your area, please contact Foundation@ipo.org.

Provide Your Feedback

Thank you so much for bringing intellectual property education to your community. We would really appreciate any feedback you could provide, so we can continue to improve our toolkit and our sessions. Please fill out a short survey below.

Upcoming Challenges

Contact Foundation@ipo.org if you’d like to learn more about the upcoming challenges!

World IP Day

World IP Day

Help us reach 2,500 students by 2025 by teaching about IP on April 26, World IP Day. Host an event at your company, law firm, or in your community and use the IP Education for Next Gen Innovators Toolkit! Don’t forget to tell us about your activity so we share the amazing impact you’re making in the community.

National Entrepreneur’s Day

Entrep Day

National Entrepreneur’s Day will be celebrated November 19. Teach students in your community about entrepreneurship and how intellectual property plays a critical role in starting a business or launching a product.

Share Photos from Your Event!

Include photos with your event feedback or send your photos to Foundation@ipo.org so we can share the amazing work our partners are doing in their communities!