S5 E4 – Battling Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Season 5 Episode 4
Battling Bias in Artificial Intelligence
How IP can play a part in the push for more ethical AI
Would you believe that the reason you lost out on a job opportunity or bank loan was because of a biased algorithm or artificial intelligence? Despite the great promise of AI and machine learning, the technology has the potential to be problematic, particularly for people of color and members of other minority groups. But as you’ll hear on this episode of Stroke of Genius, the intellectual property system could be a huge boon for anyone working toward more ethical AI. To learn how, IP attorneys Roberta Young (Shook, Hardy & Bacon) and Alex Bridge (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) discuss how IP law not only allows companies to refine and improve their products while protecting them from competitors, but how it also incentivizes additional investment in better AI going forward.
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