Season 3 Trailer is Here!


Stroke of Genius™ Season 3 explores the most pressing questions, fascinating stories, and often-overlooked marvels that make up the world of intellectual property one episode at a time. From famous copyright cases to the unheard stories behind impactful inventions, each episode transports us to a different place within the landscape of human innovation.

In a new partnership, Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation has teamed up with D.C. based audio production company Goat Rodeo.

The season will explore the pressing questions from the world of intellectual property one episode at a time. Can we invent our way out of the world’s largest problems? How are patents helping in the midst of a pandemic? What will it take to use our brain patterns as a password? Can you trademark a color? What do monkeys and muggles have in common?


“Our mission is to promote an understanding of intellectual property rights and their value to society,” said IPOEF’s Jessica Landacre. “Many people may not know that intellectual property is the driver behind innovation that makes up the world around us from our vaccines, to the technology we use on a daily basis, to the songs we love. We want to reveal this hidden world and how it works to our listeners.”


“I think this narrative style of podcasting is an entertaining way to bring otherwise inaccessible stories to listeners. Stories from outside of the current audio world,” said Ian Enright, Goat Rodeo’s CEO.




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