Innovator Spotlight

A forum for inventors and other IP stakeholders to discuss their work, the role IP plays for them and to help educate the public on the link between strong IP protection and robust innovation.

David Hamilton, 2015 IP Video Contest Winner

Young People Need More and Easier Options to Use IP Legally At the IPO Annual Meeting in Chicago, 17-year-old David Hamilton’s winning entry to the 2015 IP Video Contest managed to keep a crowd of around 1,000 IP lawyers laughing

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Herb Wamsley, Outgoing IPO Executive Director

Lead the Battle to Educate Courts, the Public, and Congress: Become Officers of the Patent System Herb Wamsley was first inspired to enter a patent-related field by President John F. Kennedy’s call for more American scientists and engineers to help

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Gwen Jimmere: Entrepreneur, Patent History Maker

How Owning a Patent Helped One Woman and Minority Entrepreneur to “Own Her Beauty.” As the first black woman to own a patent for a natural hair care product, Gwen Jimmere, founder of “beauty innovation company” NATURALICIOUS says that it

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Jay Walker, Serial Entrepreneur, Prolific Patentee

Companies Must Work Together to Return Patents to Their Status as a Badge of Honor. Jay Walker, self-described “serial entrepreneur” and inventor of the core technology behind the game-changing travel company, got his introduction to the patent system at

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Alexis Lewis: Teen Inventor and Inspiration

One teenager’s potentially life-saving patent At age 12, when most kids already have enough to figure out with impending puberty, Alexis Lewis of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, decided to take on the challenge of finding a way to save children

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Sharon Prost, Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

All Hands on Deck and Ready for the Post-AIA Era U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (Federal Circuit) Chief Judge Sharon Prost never planned on being at the helm of the nation’s key IP court. While in college

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