Innovator Spotlight

A forum for inventors and other IP stakeholders to discuss their work, the role IP plays for them and to help educate the public on the link between strong IP protection and robust innovation.

Jack Andraka: The Teen Inventor on a Mission to Fight Pancreatic Cancer

How One Inspired Teen is Determined to Improve Cancer Diagnostics Jack Andraka became a national media sensation at the age of 15, when he presented his idea for a better way to detect pancreatic cancer in the early stages. The

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Bryan Pate, Co-Founder, ElliptiGO

Necessity, Ingenuity, and a Patent License: The Story of ElliptiGO At around the age of 30, San Diego native Bryan Pate, co-founder of ElliptiGO, found his body suddenly rebelling against nearly three decades of competitive sports and participation in endurance

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A Conversation with IPO President Kevin Rhodes and IPO Executive Director Mark Lauroesch

Leading IPO via Engagement, Education, and Internationalization This year marks a new era for IPO, with two new leaders at the helm. Executive Director Mark Lauroesch, who came on board in October of 2015, and President Kevin Rhodes, Chief Intellectual

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James Wynne, Co-Inventor, Excimer Laser Surgery

How Passion, Preparation, and Patents Brought Life-Changing Technology to Market How did Flash Gordon, one “really great” physics teacher, famed tennis pro Arthur Ashe, and a leftover turkey dinner all factor into bringing us better eyesight? They each helped to

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Larry Welch, Eli Lilly: Helping to Harmonize

The Global Dossier and Other IP5 Projects Promise to Improve Global Patent Quality Lawrence Welch, Senior Director, Assistant General Patent Counsel at Eli Lilly and Company, has been working to create a more harmonized patent system on behalf of IPO

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David Hamilton, 2015 IP Video Contest Winner

Young People Need More and Easier Options to Use IP Legally At the IPO Annual Meeting in Chicago, 17-year-old David Hamilton’s winning entry to the 2015 IP Video Contest managed to keep a crowd of around 1,000 IP lawyers laughing

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