Innovator Spotlight

A forum for inventors and other IP stakeholders to discuss their work, the role IP plays for them and to help educate the public on the link between strong IP protection and robust innovation.

Robert Young, Professor, Lancaster University and Co-Founder/Chief Scientist, Quantum Base

Fighting Fakes with Quantum Physics For many, the idea of quantum computers—which have the potential to be 100 million times or more faster than today’s personal computers—seems like little more than science fiction. While we’re likely several years away from

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Judge Sue Robinson, 2017 Distinguished IP Professional Award Winner

How One Judge Became a Patent Pro Inspired to become a lawyer by her grandfather, who spent years representing immigrant farmers and workers after retiring from the army post-World War II, Sue Lewis Robinson obtained her J.D. from the University

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Lonnie Johnson, Johnson Research and Development

From Best-Selling Toys to Game-Changing Tech Inventor of the Super Soaker® If you were a child in the 1990s, chances are that Lonnie Johnson filled your summers with fun. His most popular invention, the Super Soaker®, was the number one

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Mircea Tudor: Founder, Tudor Scan Tech

Securing the Friendly Skies A plane carrying hundreds of passengers crashes into the Mediterranean Sea, most likely due to an undetected bomb placed on board. An unsecured scrap of metal falls from an aircraft’s body and later causes a Concorde

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Igor Ustinov: Artist, Philanthropist, and Inventor

Building Toward a Better World For Igor Ustinov, son of the renowned actor and filmmaker Sir Peter Ustinov, inventing evolved naturally. An artist famous in his own right for his bronze sculptures, the drive to create and find new solutions

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James G. Fujimoto, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

Optical Coherence Tomography: A Next Generation Medical Imaging Technology “Academia is very fertile ground for invention, but in order to have an impact on society, industry involvement is critical,” says Professor James Fujimoto, a principal investigator in the Research Laboratory

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