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A forum for inventors and other IP stakeholders to discuss their work, the role IP plays for them and to help educate the public on the link between strong IP protection and robust innovation.

Innovate for a Green Future – Anil Jha, Leading the World to More Eco-Friendly Water

Each year, World IP Day is celebrated on April 26 to promote the role intellectual property rights play in promoting innovation and creativity. This year, the World IP Organization selected the theme “Innovate for a Green Future” to highlight the

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Marian R. Croak, Ph.D

It now seems commonplace to communicate on the internet through audio and/or video. We can thank Marian Rogers Croak for this technology. Upon joining AT&T in 1982, Croak was a strong advocate for leaving wired phone technology in the past.

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Ellen Ochoa, Ph.D

California native Ellen Ochoa earned her bachelor’s degree in physics and a master’s and doctorate degree in electrical engineering. Working as a researcher at NASA, Ochoa went on to be listed as co-inventor on three patents. She is the first

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Mary Sherman Morgan

Mary Sherman Morgan, America’s first female rocket scientist, was raised on a farm in North Dakota. She didn’t start school until the age of eight after a sheriff and social worker forced her parents to send her. Mary’s love of

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Tu Youyou, Women's History Month 2020

Tu Youyou

Born in 1930 in East China, Tu Youyou was taught the importance of education at an early age. After contracting tuberculosis and being forced to sit out from school at age 16, Tu returned to the classroom determined to study

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Women’s History Month 2020

Women’s History Month was declared by Congress in 1987. The National Women’s History Project requested that the week long celebration be expanded to a month. Since then each year the designation gets bi-partisan support from the House and Senate.

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