S5 E5: A South Korean Boy Band & IP Powerhouse

Season 5 Episode 5
A South Korean Boy Band & IP Powerhouse

When pursuing a career as a singer, songwriter, or musician, intellectual property probably isn’t always the first thing most people think of. But as you’ll hear on this episode of Stroke of Genius, there’s a good reason one of the biggest bands on the planet has a surprisingly comprehensive intellectual property strategy!

Brazil-based IP lawyer, music critic, and singer-songwriter Ana Clara Ribeiro discusses the “BTS effect.” The South Korean boy band, BTS, has seen monumental, world-wide success, thanks in no small part to the way it aggressively protects and monetizes a wide range of IP, using a combination of copyright, trademarks, and even patents. Whether you’re an aspiring musician yourself, or just a die-hard BTS fan, this episode is sure to ‘strike a chord.’