Innovate for a Green Future – LuminAID


In celebration of World IP Day “Innovate for a Green Future,” IPO Education Foundation is celebrating the founders of LuminAID, Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork. The two college friends invented the world’s first solar-powered inflatable light to provide disaster relief aid after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. Ms. Stork, co-inventor of LuminAID, was featured on season 2 of the Stroke of Genius™ podcast. She shared their innovation journey from the development of the product to crowdfunding for manufacturing, and even about the surreal opportunity to pitch their invention for funding on Shark Tank. Through all this, the LuminAID light has become the new favorite product of outdoor adventurists while also providing aid to disaster-stricken communities around the world. Tune in to Stroke of Genius™ to hear the full story and celebrate these inventors for their green innovation!

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