Past Inventor of the Year Award Winners

2015- Jay S. Walker, Walker Innovation Inc. With more than 650 U.S. patents and numerous others pending, Mr. Walker is the world’s 11th most patented living inventor. He is best known as the founder of one of the leading innovators in the travel industry,, which today, as the Priceline Group, has a market cap of over $60 billion and has served over 50 million customers.

2014- Dr. Hugh Herr for his invention of the BIOM® T2 System, the world’s first bionic foot and calf system, designed to replicate an individual’s lost muscle and tendon anatomy and function in order to create a more normalized gait. Press Release on 41st Inventor of the Year Award.

2013- Dean Kamen for his invention of the Slingshot™ Water Distillation System, designed to create clean drinking water in the most water-desperate communities in the world. View the tribute video HERE.

2012 – Alex Kipman for his invention of Kinect, Microsoft’s motion sensing device developed for Xbox 360. View the tribute video HERE.

2011- Dr. J. Jean Cui, Lee Funk, Lei Jia, Pei-Pei Kung, Jerry Meng, Mitchell Nambu, Mason Pairish, Hong Shen, and Michell Tran-Dube for their invention of Pfizer’s Xalkori® (crizotinib), the first new drug approved for lung cancer in the U.S. in more than six years. View the tribute video HERE.

2010- Thomas M. Stevenson,George P. Lahm and Thomas P. Selby for their invention of DuPont™ Rynaxypyr®, an advanced insect control product. View the tribute video HERE.

2009 – James Baughman, Ford Motor Company (Retired); David Cook, Ph.D. (Formerly with Ford Motor Company); Keith Kowalsky; and Daniel Marantz – Flame-Spray Industries, Inc. – for their invention of the Plasma Transferred Wire ARC Thermal Spray Apparatus and Method (PTWA), a process that applies a coating of modern metal to the interior of an aluminum engine, which makes engines wear and heat resistant and improves fuel economy. View the tribute video HERE.

2008 – Dr. Ihor Lys – Color Kinetics (now Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions) – for his development of Powercore®, a breakthrough in digital power processing technology designed to increase efficiency, lower the overall cost, and simplify installation of LED (light emitting diode) lighting systems.

2007 – Dr. Raymond V. Damadian – Fonar Corporation – for his development of the Upright Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine.

2006 –  Philip Frank Souter and Colin Ure – Procter & Gamble – for the humanitarian efforts that led to the design and development of PuR® Purifier of Water Sachets.  The Foundation also recognized patented innovation in the following categories: Industrial Design Inventors of the Year: Christopher A. Arnholt, Paul M. Pierce and Tim J. Sutherland – Motorola Inc. – for their development of the Motorola mobile phone.  Youth Inventor of the Year: Cassidy Goldstein, who created the crayon holder, a patented drawing device, when she was 11 years old.

2005 – Stuart B. Rosenblum, Sundeep Dugar, Duane A. Burnett, John W. Clader, and Brian A. McKittrick – Schering-Plough Corporation – for their development of Zetia® (ezetimibe) cholesterol medication.

2004 – James R. Weber and Scott A. Leman – Caterpillar Inc. – for their development of an air and fuel supply system designed to significantly reduce diesel emissions.

2003 – Warren M. Zapol and Claes Frostell – Massachussetts General Hospital – for their development of an innovative treatment for pulmonary vasoconstriction and asthma.

2002 – Nils U. Bang, Robert J. Beckmann, Brian W. Grinnell, Daniel L. Hartman, S. Richard Jaskunas, Mei-Hui T. Lai, Shila P. Little, George L. Long, Robert F. Santerre, and Sau-Chi Betty Yan – Eli Lilly and Co. – for the development of XigrisTM, a biotech medicine treating adults with life-threatening, severe sepsis.

2001 – M. Patricia Beckmann, Raymond G. Goodwin, and Craig A. Smith – Immunex Corp. – a genetically engineered drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.

2000 – Gail K. Naughton – Advanced Tissue Sciences – process to produce human organs for transplatation.

1999 – Curt I. Civin – Johns Hopkins University – invented a monoclonal antibody that binds to a substance in human stem cells for bone marrow transplant.

1998 – Patricia D. Murphy, Antonette C. Allen, Christopher P. Alvarez, Brenda S. Critz, Sheri J. Olson, Denise Thurber, and Bin Zeng – Oncormed, Inc. – gene sequence that enables testing for susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer.

1997 – Dale J. Kempf, Daniel W. Norbeck, Hing L. Sham, and Chen Zhao – Abbott Laboratories – NORVIR®; Joseph P. Vaca, Bruce D. Dorsey, James P. Guare, M. Katherine Holloway and Randall W. Hungate – Merck & Co., Inc. – CRIXIVAN®. Both inventions are HIV protease inhibitors for treatment of AIDS.

1996 – William C. Atkinson, Robert P. Cloutier, Michael L. Wash, and Arthur A. Whitfield – Eastman Kodak Co. – system utilizing magnetic tracks on photographic film to store information.

1995 – Harold E. Aller, and Adam C. Hsu – Rohm and Haas Company – insecticide that mimics insect molting hormones of caterpillars.

1994 – Pak-Wing Chum, George W. Knight, Shih-Yaw Lai, James C. Stevens, and John R. Wilson – Dow Chemical Company – new family of plastics.

1993 – Gary H. Rasmusson and Glenn F. Reynolds – Merck & Co. – drug for treatment of benign prostate enlargement.

1992 – Francis P. Carrubba, John Cocke, Norman H. Kreitzer, and George Radin – IBM Corp. – Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC).

1991 – Harvey E. Cline, Charles L. Dumoulin, Howard R. Hart, Jr., and Steven P. Souza – General Electric Co. – phase-contrast magnetic resonance angiography.

1990 – Howard L. Benford, Gerald L. Holbrook, and Maurice B. Leising – Chrysler Corp. – electronically controlled automatic transmission.

1989 – David V. Goeddel, William J. Kohr, Diane Pennica, and Gordon A. Vehar – Genentech, Inc. – DNA sequence encoding human t-PA, a clot-dissolving drug for treating heart attack patients.

1988 – Alfred W. Alberts, Carl H. Hoffman, Richard L. Monaghan, and Georg Albers-Schonberg – Merck & Co. – lovastatin, a cholesterol-lowering drug.

1987 – Amar G. Bose and William R. Short – Bose Corp. – loudspeaker system employing a folded acoustic waveguide.

1986 – Leo S. Lin, Shji-Da Yu Lu, and David F. Mark – Cetus Corp. – “Cetus Interleukin-2”, a genetically engineered drug.

1985 – Jewell L. Osterholm – Thomas Jefferson University – stroke treatment system.

1984 – Robert E. Fischell – Johns Hopkins University – Programmable Implantable Medication System.

1983 – Robert Jarvik – University of Utah – Jarvik Seven artificial heart.

1982 – Donald Asmus – independent inventor – device enabling paralyzed people to move about in an upright position.

1981 – Paul Macready – independent inventor – “Gossamer Condor,” a human-powered flying device.

1980 – William A. Thornton, Jr. – work with lamps.

1979 – Barhbara S. Askins – auto-radiographic image enhancement process.

1978 – Gordon Gould – optically-pumped lasers.

1977 – Edward S. Bagley, William Doane, George F. Fanta, and Ollidene Weaver – “super slurper water absorbant.”

1976 – Emmett N. Leith and Juris Upatneiks for contributions to holography.

1975 – Mario Puretic for a V-shaped pulley used with commercial fishing nets.

1974 – Byron B. Brenden for acoustical holograpy.