Past Inventor of the Year Award Winners


2005 – Stuart B. Rosenblum, Sundeep Dugar, Duane A. Burnett, John W. Clader, and Brian A. McKittrick – Schering-Plough Corporation – for their development of Zetia® (ezetimibe) cholesterol medication.

2004 – James R. Weber and Scott A. Leman – Caterpillar Inc. – for their development of an air and fuel supply system designed to significantly reduce diesel emissions.

2003 – Warren M. Zapol and Claes Frostell – Massachussetts General Hospital – for their development of an innovative treatment for pulmonary vasoconstriction and asthma.

2002 – Nils U. Bang, Robert J. Beckmann, Brian W. Grinnell, Daniel L. Hartman, S. Richard Jaskunas, Mei-Hui T. Lai, Shila P. Little, George L. Long, Robert F. Santerre, and Sau-Chi Betty Yan – Eli Lilly and Co. – for the development of XigrisTM, a biotech medicine treating adults with life-threatening, severe sepsis.

2001 – M. Patricia Beckmann, Raymond G. Goodwin, and Craig A. Smith – Immunex Corp. – a genetically engineered drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.

2000 – Gail K. Naughton – Advanced Tissue Sciences – process to produce human organs for transplatation.

1999 – Curt I. Civin – Johns Hopkins University – invented a monoclonal antibody that binds to a substance in human stem cells for bone marrow transplant.

1998 – Patricia D. Murphy, Antonette C. Allen, Christopher P. Alvarez, Brenda S. Critz, Sheri J. Olson, Denise Thurber, and Bin Zeng – Oncormed, Inc. – gene sequence that enables testing for susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer.

1997 – Dale J. Kempf, Daniel W. Norbeck, Hing L. Sham, and Chen Zhao – Abbott Laboratories – NORVIR®; Joseph P. Vaca, Bruce D. Dorsey, James P. Guare, M. Katherine Holloway and Randall W. Hungate – Merck & Co., Inc. – CRIXIVAN®. Both inventions are HIV protease inhibitors for treatment of AIDS.

1996 – William C. Atkinson, Robert P. Cloutier, Michael L. Wash, and Arthur A. Whitfield – Eastman Kodak Co. – system utilizing magnetic tracks on photographic film to store information.

1995 – Harold E. Aller, and Adam C. Hsu – Rohm and Haas Company – insecticide that mimics insect molting hormones of caterpillars.

1994 – Pak-Wing Chum, George W. Knight, Shih-Yaw Lai, James C. Stevens, and John R. Wilson – Dow Chemical Company – new family of plastics.

1993 – Gary H. Rasmusson and Glenn F. Reynolds – Merck & Co. – drug for treatment of benign prostate enlargement.

1992 – Francis P. Carrubba, John Cocke, Norman H. Kreitzer, and George Radin – IBM Corp. – Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC).

1991 – Harvey E. Cline, Charles L. Dumoulin, Howard R. Hart, Jr., and Steven P. Souza – General Electric Co. – phase-contrast magnetic resonance angiography.

1990 – Howard L. Benford, Gerald L. Holbrook, and Maurice B. Leising – Chrysler Corp. – electronically controlled automatic transmission.

1989 – David V. Goeddel, William J. Kohr, Diane Pennica, and Gordon A. Vehar – Genentech, Inc. – DNA sequence encoding human t-PA, a clot-dissolving drug for treating heart attack patients.

1988 – Alfred W. Alberts, Carl H. Hoffman, Richard L. Monaghan, and Georg Albers-Schonberg – Merck & Co. – lovastatin, a cholesterol-lowering drug.

1987 – Amar G. Bose and William R. Short – Bose Corp. – loudspeaker system employing a folded acoustic waveguide.

1986 – Leo S. Lin, Shji-Da Yu Lu, and David F. Mark – Cetus Corp. – “Cetus Interleukin-2”, a genetically engineered drug.

1985 – Jewell L. Osterholm – Thomas Jefferson University – stroke treatment system.

1984 – Robert E. Fischell – Johns Hopkins University – Programmable Implantable Medication System.

1983 – Robert Jarvik – University of Utah – Jarvik Seven artificial heart.

1982 – Donald Asmus – independent inventor – device enabling paralyzed people to move about in an upright position.

1981 – Paul Macready – independent inventor – “Gossamer Condor,” a human-powered flying device.

1980 – William A. Thornton, Jr. – work with lamps.

1979 – Barhbara S. Askins – auto-radiographic image enhancement process.

1978 – Gordon Gould – optically-pumped lasers.

1977 – Edward S. Bagley, William Doane, George F. Fanta, and Ollidene Weaver – “super slurper water absorbant.”

1976 – Emmett N. Leith and Juris Upatneiks for contributions to holography.

1975 – Mario Puretic for a V-shaped pulley used with commercial fishing nets.

1974 – Byron B. Brenden for acoustical holograpy.