2022 Newsletter: April-June

June 30, 2022

Sponsor the Stroke of Genius® Podcast
Become a season 5 sponsor of the Stroke of Genius® podcast! This season, available late summer, identifies misconceptions surrounding IP to promote a great understanding of what IP means for business, and for under-served communities. We will be tackling questions about how patents incentivize investment in R&D, the right of musicians to “sample” music, the role of IP in promoting technology, sustainability, and more. The podcast features entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, inventors, lawyers, and other industry leaders to get to the heart of what intellectual property protection means to them – and why it matters.
Interested in learning more about how to support the podcast? Please contact Kristen Lurye, klurye@ipo.org or 202-507-4502.

Welcome New Board Member
Please join the Foundation in welcoming the newest member of the Board, Judge Kathleen O’Malley (US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, retired). Judge O’Malley says, “I am pleased to join the Board of IPOEF. It is an honor to serve with such a dedicated group of professionals and to follow in the shoes of so many others. I am deeply committed to the Education Foundation’s mission of furthering education regarding the importance of intellectual property to innovation and fostering diversity in the Intellectual Property community.”
Occasionally, there are vacancies on the Board. If you would like to be considered for a Foundation Board seat, please contact Kristen Lurye, klurye@ipo.org.

Join a Foundation Committee

IPO Education Foundation is looking for active, passionate volunteers to launch two new committees! The Educate & Enable Committee and Employ & Encourage Committee are designed to support the Foundation’s strategic framework to promote innovation and creation by, within, and for underrepresented communities. Committees will meet monthly to plan and execute activities around awareness, programming, and fundraising. Time commitment may vary depending on committee projects.
Educate & Enable Committee
Mission: Create ways to educate students, especially those from underrepresented communities, about the value of protecting your intellectual property and inspiring them to pursue careers in innovation and creativity.
Audience: Students Grades 5-8
– Create a toolkit with practical tips and activities to educate about all forms of IP
– Develop programs to facilitate prizes or scholarships for students
– Identify fundraising opportunities to support new programs
Employ & Encourage Committee
Mission: Cultivate career opportunities in creativity and innovation, develop and institute initiatives to promote a diverse workforce, and provide mentorship and leadership opportunities for the emerging workforce.
Audience: College students and early-stage professionals
– Seek partnerships with like-minded organizations
– Create leadership training and opportunities for diverse candidates
– Develop mentorship toolkit for companies and firms
For additional questions, please contact committee chairs Tina Dorr and Geof Oberhaus.

Student Mentor Program 

TryEngineering Together Mentor Program
IPOEF and its volunteers just completed a year long mentor program with a 5-6 grade classroom in a Title 1, low income school. Students were paired with volunteers to review STEM topics and activities and communicated virtually. The goal of this program was to help students get excited about STEM topics and careers. Here are a few highlights from the program:
“Mentoring with TryEngineering was a gratifying experience. The student I was paired with seemed to soak up the whole experience. Her tone evolved from disinterest in STEM to engaged, enjoying certain topics, curious, and even excited. We found some commonalities in our backgrounds and non-STEM interests. I think she could relate to me, and that helped her to open her mind to horizons in STEM she had not considered previously.” E-mentor, Judy Naamat (Locke Lord)
Thank You Gold Donors! 
To learn more about IPOEF or become a donor, please visit IPOEF.org.
Foundation activities are possible because of the support of our donors and sponsors. IPO Education Foundation is tax exempt under 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(3). Donations are tax deductible as charitable contributions to the extent of the law.