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A forum for inventors and other IP stakeholders to discuss their work, the role IP plays for them and to help educate the public on the link between strong IP protection and robust innovation.

Garrett Morgan Photo

Garrett A. Morgan

With only an elementary school education, Garrett A. Morgan moved from his childhood home in Kentucky to look for work in Ohio. Having worked as a sewing machine mechanic, he saved enough money to open his own sewing machine shop

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Lewis Latimer

  Lewis Latimer, the son of enslaved people who was born free in 1848, worked at a law firm in Massachusetts where he learned about patent drafting. Over time, Latimer became an exceptional inventor, even working alongside well-known inventors including

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Marie Van Brittan Brown

Marie Van Brittan Brown was born and raised in Queens, New York. Working as a nurse, her hours were not standard and living in a high-crime area made her want to feel safe, so she invented the first home security

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Jo Anderson

Jo Anderson was born an enslaved person in 1808. Historians now credit him as a major contributor to the design and creation of the reaper along with his owner Robert McCormick. A revolutionary invention in American agriculture, the mechanical reaper

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Black History Month

The first US patent was granted three months after President George Washington signed the Patent Act in 1790,. However, though critical to innovation, Black inventors, particularly those who were enslaved, typically were not able to patent their own inventions. Because

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46th Inventor of the Year – Chieko Asakawa

IPO EDUCATION FOUNDATION PRESENTS THE 2019 INVENTOR OF THE YEAR IPO Education Foundation presents the 46th Inventor of the Year award to Chieko Asakawa from IBM for her accomplishments in accessibility technologies. Ms. Asakawa improved the lives of the visually impaired

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