44th Annual Inventor of the Year

44th Annual Inventor of the Year

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The IPO Education Foundation is reviewing nominations for the Inventor of the Year Award on a rolling basis throughout the year. To be considered for the award in 2017, submissions must be received by April 14, 2017.

The Award honors inventors whose creations have made a significant impact on the economy or quality of life.

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An inventor from any country is eligible for the 2017 award if the invention:
1. Is covered by a patent published in English; and
2.  Is commercially available.

Criteria used to judge the nominations include:
1. Originality of concept
2. Ingenuity in bringing the concept to design
3. Societal benefit

The IPO Education Foundation is Delighted to Honor the
2016 Inventors of the Year

Amgen, Inc. – Imlygic and Blincyto
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company – Opdivo and Yervoy
Genentech, Inc. – Tecentriq
Merck & Co. – Keytruda

The award honored the inventors of six breakthrough drugs in the field of immunotherapy oncology treatment. It honored the various professionals involved in the entire innovation process, from initial discovery to implementation and commercialization of these medical treatments.

The Inventor of the Year award recognizes the world’s most outstanding recent inventors. Its purpose is to increase public awareness of current inventors and how they benefit the economy and quality of life.

Winners were honored at the Foundation Awards Dinner in Washington, DC on
6 December.

Past Inventor of the Year Award Winners